Carrd Quick Start Guide

Mark Bowley
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Shortcut the Carrd learning curve in quick, easy steps

I've spent countless hours using Carrd, never using templates and working out how to build sites from scratch. You can do this, too, if you know some basics.

So if you're a beginner and not sure where to start in Carrd, this mini guide will give you the initial steps to confidently start building a site from scratch – no template.

The guide includes these steps:

  • Introduction
  • First, why Carrd?
  • 1. How Carrd works
  • 2. Plan your site or page
  • 3. Create a new Carrd site
  • 4. The first building steps
  • 5. Adding detail to your site
  • 6. Optimise for mobile
  • 7. Publishing your site
  • Bonus tips
  • Further help

Content style

The steps are presented as short, written guides with screenshot examples. I wish it was more video based but I tried this and hated them. I’ll keep practising 😅

Here's a sample:

  • Course delivered via

  • Lessons
  • Course delivered via
  • Lessons7
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Carrd Quick Start Guide

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