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Guide to SEO in Carrd

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A simple guide to help Carrd builders leverage SEO.

Do you create landing pages for side projects in Carrd then just leave them? Marketing them is hard, so it's worth covering the basics of SEO to maximise your chances of organic discovery.

Side project landing pages don't tend to be big SEO performers, as they don't have lots of page content. That said, there are a number of ways you can cover the basics in Carrd, for better search visibility.

This mini guide explains in 10 simple steps – a mix of Carrd-specific tips and general SEO basics.



1. Creating content

2. Carrd structure

3. Mobile-friendly

4. Publishing in Carrd

5. Page speed

6. Analytics

7. Accessibility

8. Carrd Subdomains

9. Outside of Carrd

10. Final thoughts

“Taught me something valuable I didn’t know in almost every lesson. Thanks!”
– Jim Ratliff

/// Please note this is not a comprehensive SEO guide – it's a list of what you can action in Carrd to cover your bases, without investing bigger budgets or time ///

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Guide to SEO in Carrd

4 ratings
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