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Ultimate list of Carrd site ideas (pre-order)


All the Carrd site ideas used in the generator on Dealer of Carrd

If you don't want to have to use the generator and just want the list of ideas, this is a spreadsheet with the full list.

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What is it?

Carrd is an amazing tool that makes it easy to spin up small site and product ideas really easily.

This list will help if you're stuck for ideas, need inspiration, or just curious what you can build with Carrd (or Carrd + another tool).

— A growing list of ideas, from real life examples to theoretical suggestions

Each idea comes with links to tutorials or tools to build.

Some of these ideas I've built myself, some I've seen people build, and others are ideas I know are possible in Carrd.

How is it supplied?

  • The list is supplied as a private Google Sheet, with access specific to your Gumroad email address.
  • This is a growing list of ideas and you'll get lifetime updates.
  • Note that if your Google Drive account is linked with a different email to your Gumroad email, you will have to let me know so I can add you manually.

Free sample

Get a free sample of these on Dealer of Carrd – our random idea generator.

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Ultimate list of Carrd site ideas (pre-order)

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