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Deck of Carrd Sponsorship

Mark Bowley
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Sponsor the #1 inspiration gallery for Carrd websites

My site averages more than 400 visits a month, with a high level of engagement. Get exposure and clickthroughs for your product or services aimed at early stage founders and indie hackers.

“We’re getting about 15-20 click-throughs a day! We’ve had Pro and free signups from that.” 

Note: If this product is showing as Sold Out, add yourself to my waitlist. //////

Consistent website traffic

Below is a screenshot of the analytics for Sep — Nov 2022

Prominent ad placement

Your logo or ad will be placed in the Supported by section of the site, for the period you have an active subscription through Gumroad:


I keep the slots limited, so if this product is showing as Sold Out, add yourself to my waitlist as availability changes monthly.

Please note I reserve the right to refuse any NSFW sites, or anything else I feel is unsuitable.

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