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Design Fundamentals Course

Mark Bowley

Learn basic design concepts to improve the usability of your projects

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In this simple introduction to design, I cover why design is important (even with MVPs), what the fundamental design principles are, and key design terminology. It’s written not to be wordy or too deep, it’s very light and to-the-point.


— Course overview

1. An introduction to design (why it’s important)

2. Key design concepts: Grids & alignment

3. Key design concepts: Visual hierarchy

4. Key design concepts: Consistency & pattern

5. Key design concepts: Spacing

6. Key design concepts: Accessibility

7. Key design concepts: Mobile

8. Understand design terminology

– Ways to keep learning

Key takeaways

  • Learn why design is important, even with MVPs
  • Discover some fundamental design principles that will help anyone create
  • Learn the key design lingo and terminology, to improve confidence discussing design
  • Get recommended resources to find out more about the principles discussed

It’s for you if

  • You’re interested in learning about usability basics, without too much detail
  • You’re a maker but don’t understand how design can help with your builds or MVPs
  • You think you’re not creative and tend to ignore design (but you know you shouldn’t)

Content style

  • The course is delivered as a series of emails
  • You can even skip ahead or change the frequency of the emails to suit your need
  • The steps are brief, written lessons with screenshot examples

This course outline is similar to a guide I wrote for the 100 Days of NoCode MVP Bootcamp, but with more detail.

★★★ 400+ makers have chosen the 100 Days of NoCode guide part of their learning path ★★★

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Design Fundamentals Course

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